Working alongside parents/carers

Working alongside parents/carers

we can do the tractor in a minute you
can do the cast my name is David giblin I’m a classroom teacher here at Wrigley
college at big war camps Greater Western Sydney welcome everyone to the 2013 bid
war most practice today is all about building positive relationships good
teaching is about cultivating relationships maintaining those sorts of
relationships and basically seeing the success on the students and seeing the
pride in parents faces when those students actually achieve fire on days
like like this first of all it’s a very informal event you get to interact with
parents you get to interact with students at that very informal level
Asia well first of all I’m a trained science teacher one of the resources
that was available at this particular school was a school farm agriculture is
now very much a fixed part of the curriculum we actually have growing
numbers of students getting involved what we’ve actually got over on the
display there is is the display that we set up at Penrice show for those parents
who couldn’t get over to the show and of course those skills are on display for
the parents over at the breakfast as well so the display is actually over
there yes I’ve got third place in it this year we always raise a cow this
year we’ve had something like fifty eight students pick egg it’s been
absolutely phenomenal remove I get a whole heap of information that i can
then take back into the classroom and i can use that information to help build
that relationship with the student and i can use that information to help build
that relationship with the parents yes that’s good classic example today was
young Stephanie yeah I didn’t actually know that stephanie was a fairly good
soccer player and played on weekends so there’s a bit of additional knowledge
that I’ve actually development about my student and that will certainly help me
within the classroom with a particular sphere can you see how this is actually
tying in with the work we’re actually doing in terms of maintaining
relationships like any relationship you have to work out of you in order to to
keep again actually produce a rice and rice grain that actually has keratin
fair bit of effort ensuring that parents are kept informed of where their child
is up to vitamin a vitamin A absolutely correct it’s
regular meetings it’s regular phone contact it all goes to to boosting my
relationship which is the thing off my teachers actually GM there are various
teams that are established within the school in order to to maintain that
relationship did you want to bring out who you were yeah look I was
particularly impressed with Mike he was actually there yesterday he was running
the track we have a welfare term here which identifies particular issues
overall to ensure that you are basically on top of where your students are at
within the educational process and lucky you know as as mighty reprisal early
yeah some of the challenges he said so is that a lot of challenges going
through with these literacy and some other subjects and its really noticing
these interactions these practical extractions are really starting to bring
them in if we can get someone from yeah probably yeah I’ll make a phone call
Holman and letting let mom and dad know how well he did in both of its obviously
when you’re running a school farm particularly if you’ve got animals one
of the legal requirements is that the animals are checked within a 24-hour
period we’ve got about eight different breed of chicken but we’re actually
experimenting with at the moment and what I’m actually experimenting with at
the moment is actually getting parents in here as part of a community garden
better that’s connecting with you guys as well it’s great whoa look said oh man
coming pastor saw it here for years now and soon it come from just walk around
with a shed on it now a couple of horses and yeah and look it’s great to see what
you put in school but it’s got to be good for it’s good for the kids getting
involved in horticulture with potted plants the parents are getting involved
with the animals here those parents are actually coming in and
again it’s all about a shared journey glad to have you on board thank you

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