World Ends Aug 2019 !!! Nibiru Planet X EARTHQUAKE APOCALYPSE Wipes Out Civilization, must see

World Ends Aug 2019 !!! Nibiru Planet X EARTHQUAKE APOCALYPSE Wipes Out Civilization, must see

time to analyze the data and study the facts wouldn't it make more sense to conclude that it is actually the shifting poles that are causing the sudden change in the world's climate you might ask how is that Sol and so we we would ask to you go back and look at the history of the world there has in fact been a number of pole shifts throughout the existence of this planet and just because the world is now inhabited by humans who are limited in the modern technological age well this doesn't mean that a major pole shift is outside the realm of possibility in our lifetimes it is however conceivable that we are now in the initial stage of the pole shift that Edgar Cayce envisioned and that which Albert Einstein had acknowledged would occur so we can speculate as to why we are witnessing these sudden changes on our planet and what might be causing these changes but the facts do speak for themselves as to exactly what is happening at this time some of you keep insisting that we show irrefutable evidence that the earth is being turned upside down and that a rogue planet in our solar system is responsible for the earth shifting on its axis which is a belief now held by the ANU attenders who have observed the skies and the Sun for a generation then there are others of you who claim that we have been saying for the last 15 years that Planet X would be coming well all we can tell you is that we have been waiting for 3,600 years for its return a planet which is five times the size of Earth that moves in a retrograde orbit this isn't going to be the type of planet that travels at a rapid pace across our solar system then again if the planet were visible to the naked eye would you then believe we will tell you this that the world is beginning to see a period of great tribulation and the arrival of Planet X may come much sooner than any of us would have imagined now we are not trying to be fear mongers or alarmist there are already too many of them out there we are just trying to present common-sense evidence to the public so here are some of the things we know for sure earth changes are increasing dramatically worldwide in fact since 2012 earthquake and volcanic activity has risen on a phenomenal level volcanoes are approaching 40 eruptions per day that's right hard to believe but true earthquakes in the Ring of Fire are more frequent in our occurring in unusual areas where people are not accustomed to them so first off let's examine the details of the unprecedented earthquakes happening in 2016 the earthquake activity along the Pacific Ring of Fire has been nothing short of unprecedented from coast to coast there had been a surge of activity that earthquake researchers are taking note of at this time in February our On February the 16th of 2016 a report from a stuff Co MZ reported a 6.0 magnitude earthquake which was felt as far south as Dunedin now coincidentally this earthquake was shown as a magnitude 5.9 on the e/m SC website which would be different from what was shown on the Geo net site there have been a number of recent earthquakes taking place in New Zealand that range in magnitude of 4.3 down to 3.6 and then of course the 6.0 that was just recently recorded but of all the earthquakes 3.0 or greater that were shallow in death this is a spike in activity that is more dangerous because the tremors are happening and near the surface the earthquake activity that has been recorded on the RSO II web site is from the last two days alone which is also very alarming with the Alpine Fault overdue for a major quake and the amount of activity taking place at the moment we feel it is wise for New Zealanders to be ready we should also note that California is continuing to experience tremors with some rare earthquakes recently along with several smaller earthquakes all taking place within the last few days now moving down to South America there has been a spike in earthquake activity in the last 24 hours measuring in the magnitude of 4.8 down to 3.6 now this is a signal for pressure building up along these plates and that pressure has to release at some point in time you if you take a look at this chart you will see that fireball events were recorded as in the hundreds per year in the year 2005 by 2011 there had been over 1500 reports of fireballs and since that time it has dramatically increased to where in the year 2015 there are over 9,000 reports of fireballs now it's interesting to note that the frequency of fireballs has increased by 120% between the years 2013 and 2014 and has risen another 20% between the years 2014 and 2015 now this is a significant increase and it should be generating a lot of attention but if it is then it's being done very quietly behind closed doors now looking at NASA's data a month by a month we see that the fireball frequency is most concentrated in the months of August to December however the numbers for June and July are also increasing significantly suggesting that the area of space from which asteroid and comet debris is reaching earth and consequently into which the solar system is moving is increasing in size nASA has also published data for near-earth asteroids or any ace discoveries since 1995 their data shows a consistent increase in asteroid numbers from 1998 through the year 2013 and significant increases for 2014 and 2015 which shadows the big increases in fireballs that were observed over those two years you you now this chart shows an ass's identification of fireballs in October of 2013 note that the vast majority of fireballs are classified as sporadic in other words they are not identified with any known meteor shower now they may occur during the same time period as a named meteor shower but they travel in different directions and occur in different parts of the sky so what's happening in our solar system it appears that one of a couple of things is happening the solar system is moving into an area of space where it is encountering a higher density of rocks and asteroids along with the debris trails of some comets or something such as nemesis is approaching the inner solar system and perturbing comets and asteroids from the Kuiper belt and/or the Oort cloud now the two scenarios are not exclusive but the first scenario could also be triggered by the second the Nemesis hypothesis proposes that the Sun has a companion star a brown or red dwarf in a highly elliptical orbit that periodically disturbs comets and asteroids in the Oort cloud causing a large increase in the number of comets visiting the inner solar system and a consequential increase in impact events on earth now we're being told that the nemesis twin Sun has yet to be detected by NASA's wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer telescope but wise has discovered several brown dwarfs in neighboring star systems so what exactly is happening in 2016 well as you will see by this chart the fireballs continue to significantly increase the weather keeps getting more and more extreme with records being broken every day here's a shocking example for you in the Year 2015 this was the first year in records going back to the year 1875 that we have seen more confirmed tornado related deaths in December than in the rest of the year combined we now not only have land hurricanes but we have winter Blizzard cyclones and River flooding at the same time we're seeing snow in areas where it has never snowed before Vietnam Laos Taiwan southern China Okinawa and the Caribbean these are subtropical in tropical countries where they shouldn't have snow some of these places have received up to seven or eight inches of snow for instance in Vietnam south of Hanoi they received 7.87 inches of snow this is the first snow ever in this area temperatures dropped into the mid 20s Fahrenheit in December when normally it is supposed to be in the mid 70s meanwhile in the Arctic temperatures were 50 degrees above the average now this has never happened before where you have snow and 50 degrees below normal in the tropics and then 50 degrees above normal in the Arctic this is unprecedented in December through January in England where only a few flowering plants may be in bloom due to milder winters there was this past winter more than 600 species in bloom 612 to be exact never before in history has this happened in addition rains and flooding are at unprecedented levels across the globe you so one can argue that there is certainly evidence of the Planet X effect upon the entire earth causing it to wobble which in turn causes seismic and volcanic activity as well as extreme weather the Planet X effect is setting the earth up for a coming pole shift the world's elite and know this is coming this is why they have prepared underground shelters and seed vaults in key parts of the world this screen capture explains this relative to where the new Equator is expected to be the hypothesis of a major pole shift is the belief that during the shift the North Pole and the Arctic Circle will be pushed considerably to the south thus causing the southern hemisphere and Antarctica to be pushed further north above the line of the Equator now we can see this playing out relative to this image in which the Arctic Circle has been pushed into the region which is now South America whereby the Equator is no longer a straight line dividing the northern and southern hemispheres but rather an erratic line that has been pushed much further to the north where it is now situated in the heart of North America before dipping down to reach the southern tip of Australia at the same time Antarctica and the South Pole has been pushed up to where it is now situated in the region of China and Russia so this is an interesting scenario and one worth considering when preparing for safe locations around the world we are now in the preliminary stages of Earth's axis shift the evidence of this can be seen in this photo taken after the earthquake in which Kyushu Island in some Japan was devastated the drone footage you are about to see is absolutely astonishing while watching this it is difficult to believe the extent of the devastation that has taken place on Japan's southern island in late April a magnitude 6.5 earthquake was quickly followed by a magnitude 7.3 earthquake just 28 hours later those earthquakes made headlines all over the globe but why was there such tremendous damage well it turns out that those two major quakes worked in conjunction with more than 600 smaller quakes to cause historic devastation all across Kyushu as you are about to see giant fissures have opened up in the ground right along a fault line that runs directly across Japan's southern island and this has a lot of people extremely alarmed once a major disaster falls out of the news the rest of the world tends to forget about it but for those on Kyushu this crisis is far from over authorities are still scrambling to rescue those that have been stranded by the recent earthquakes and at this point it is a race against time what is to happen during the coming polar shift could be best explained any profound interview with Stuart best who is a documentary video producer author and publisher as you listen to this 13 minute interview you will be overwhelmed by his expertise regarding the coming poll shift accompanied by a series of mega quakes and the days of darkness brought on by the arrival of Planet X we have the North Pole and the South Pole and we've always known it that way North Pole's North South Poles half and so it is but it may not have been that way forever and there is significant scientific evidence perhaps even conclusive that there have been prior polar shifts in other words where North goes south and South goes north right that's right now absolutely know how many times in our Earth's history do we think this has occurred well it depends on the experts you you look at but from what we can gather probably seven to eight times they're just I think part partially they're guessing because of records but it has happened a considerable number of times from a biblical perspective there is at least probably – I believe there was one before the creation of Adam and Eve that you'll find in Genesis and then it appears as though when the time of NORs flood came that that also may have incorporated at least a partial polar shift if not a total one it's in a very interesting event occurred in the days of P Lake which occurred maybe 250 to 300 years after the flood in which it says the earth was divided and that would have been a gigantic earthquake which according to the ancient record set up the nations as we know them today the continents did it actually change continental formations I mean all right well let's get down to it yet what do we think occurs so many questions first of all how quick would a polar reversal occur well my actual polar reversal from what we can gain from the Scriptures and from other documents ancient documents that occurs very rapidly usually within a one day period so it occurs when it finally goes one way extremely rapidly a one-day period yes and in one day the North Pole goes to roughly the South Pole or some new location and South goes to north yes okay if that were to occur what is our best guess about what would happen total destruction basically it would depend on where you were on the Earth's surface at the time the shift occurred the direction of the shift let's say let's say I'm in Nevada I would think from the prophecies you'd be in a lot of trouble well would what would you think everybody in the United States of America is going to be in a lot of trouble because of shift divine trouble destruction you mean dead death yes you know what would kill us well let me just port you from Isaiah for example behold the Lord make us the earth empty and make it that waste young turn it upside down and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof ok translate that into what that might mean scientifically well scientifically that would mean that in a very short period of time the North Pole becomes the South Pole it actually probably goes beyond it sure because you know but I mean affects when that happened what total destruction by what means by means of well shall we say outside almost outer space cold coming down to the surface the Scriptures indicate a tremendous role cloud develops if you've seen major squall lines you've seen these role clouds Oh listen brother I used to I used to Jason I chased them looking for tornadoes so yes I'm extremely familiar with the world cloud ok now multiply that role cloud by a tremendous margin because what happens is the surface of the earth changes directions rapidly but the atmosphere above it does not wait a minute the surface of the earth changes directions right in a shift the earth is tilted at approximately twenty two point five twenty-three point five degrees right all right no when a shift occurs right that tilt the earth the north pole starts to slide to the south now as it slides to the south yet it is fairly solid so the crustal part of the earth just simply slides but the earth or the atmosphere does not catch up with it it doesn't just move with oh my god you know I once had somebody on here talking about polar shift and he said there would be 800 mile-per-hour winds oh I would think probably at least that probably even more and so if I just heard you correctly you're saying the Earth's surface would move but the atmosphere wouldn't the net effect though would be atmosphere moving by us or us actually but it wouldn't make any difference the net effect would be stupendous winds yes yes in fact it would the atmosphere would actually begin to roll back as the surface of the earth accelerates in the shift because the atmosphere cannot keep up with it it begins to roll back and it creates a huge vacuum area for the first time I understand this and then air from the outer space comes down because it's super cold and you have instant freeze of anything that happened to be there that would I take it you mean naturally upper atmosphere it's a very thinner very cold upper atmosphere anybody who's ever been at an airplane one of the reasons 747s when you look at the outside temperature and you're only at like 40,000 feet the outside temperature is like minus 80 – 90 degrees together it gets pretty chilly just that far up so further up in the atmosphere of course it's if that were to suddenly come down well you have instant freeze which probably explains the findings in Siberia and whatnot you mean the the vegetation and the woolly mammoth yes yes instant freeze they were quick frozen in a split second the only thing that would do that is super cold air approaching you know because of windchill factors and it would have to be very fast o instantaneous they would never know what hit them nobody would know what hit them there will be warning signs like what well we're already getting the warning signs we're seeing changes in the weather patterns the patterns are getting more and more violent the way I'll tell you there's no question about that I think we are we're in the preliminary stages of a portion of a pole shift now you know let me tell you a little story this is a true story I could read it because I've got it here somewhere but I know it by heart the Fujita scale of tornadoes actually goes to 12 but that's just an academic study on earth in our atmosphere it is impossible to have any the scientists say anyway meteorologists impossible to have anything greater than what's called an f5 tornado at 318 miles per hour now that's exactly what we had was 318 miles per hour that is the top the very tip-top of the f5 scale at 319 which by the way they think they might have actually had you would have an f6 and they say that's impossible and yet it occurred and everybody has been watching the weather maps knows the horrendous horrendous tornado season that we we've had and you're saying this is a harbinger yes absolutely in fact it's going to increase tremendously then there's one more thing and I've been dealing with this on my show now for two years so I'll tell you about it you can tell me if it means anything Stuart but from time to time I will suddenly start getting all these emails and faxes and people will start saying to me hey art guess what my compass is suddenly deviating anywhere between 8 to 15 degrees west and it's freaky it's like the pole is wandering a little bit and then it comes back mm-hmm well the magnetic pole shift probably will precede the actual literal pole shift when the magnetic pole shift and going to I guess what you can call them a dipolar reversal there is a period of time in which the magnetic field actually collapses according to the scientists that have studied us in other words goes to zero goes to zero during that time of course you have all the lethal rays from the Sun etc etc you're in no no mass ejections and all that nothing nothing to protect you from them right that's right because it's the magnetic field that actually does most of the protecting which is one of the reasons why your satellites and or manned satellites are below the Van Allen belt because they're protected by the Van Allen belt itself from the more lethal rays of the Sun so if suddenly it went to zero in essence we would be immediately particularly if it's a bad solar cycle time which by the way we happen to be coming up on yes a solar maximum they say perhaps within the next year you would then be wide open to a coronal mass ejection that could flip the poles yes well I don't know if it would actually literally create the polar shift but it could certainly rearrange the magnetic poles tremendously and there are some scientists that have done some research on this and they claim that when the poles go to zero that it has tremendous effects upon the earth great shaking of the earth and then it reorient Eights itself and and the the North Pole becomes the South Pole etc etc Stewart I have a fellow I interview from time to time named major ed Dame's from SciTech which is a remote viewing organisation he has remote viewed something that he calls a kill shot from the Sun and it sounds an awful lot like what you're talking about could well be there's no question that the Sun is involved in this because the time of the for shift according to the scriptures and the time of a solar Nova are the same the Bible indicates in the Old Testament that the moon will give off the light of the Sun and the Sun will give off seven times the light it has no now that can only be described as a mini Nova you know it's interesting you should mention this because I've been reading these stories just in the last few days about scientists seeing these Suns go into this apparent nova condition a lot lately I mean they've got all kinds of new information about it and if other Suns can do it I mean way our Sun is not that unusual that's right it could do it too couldn't it not only could according to the prophecies it will and actually the way the Lord worded it he said the heavens will be shaken and the powers of the heavens will be shaken in other words things sort of go off from their normal course the Book of Enoch says the moon shall change its laws and not be seen for its proper period would anybody on earth live through such an event yes there are survivors according to the scriptures there are survivors well not many how about scientifically I don't in any way put down the scriptures and I realize you're coming at this from a Christian perspective which is fine but scientifically if what you suggest occurred occurred how would anybody live I think again it would depend on your location upon the planet and relationship to the spin of the of the polar shift itself in other words if you were in an area where you were sort of in the pivot area probably not a whole lot would happen to you but those on the outside of the ship oh you see what would have tremendous damage oh I absolutely do see in other words inside you would hardly feel the motion outside you'd be thrown from here to Kalamazoo yes

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