World's Creepiest Google Earth Location IN REAL LIFE...

World's Creepiest Google Earth Location IN REAL LIFE…

we went to the world's creepiest Google Earth location in real life however things did not go as planned as he said I saw fresh checks so that's what he said yeah he's the one who killed Gallardo thank you slaving for it nothing pretty bad spot I can't go forward go back cuz he's back there so what is up people cool we are about to show you right now is one of the strangest things we've ever found on Google Earth well you are looking at is the vehicle literally photograph in the location of a missing person who went missing to 2015 so in 2015 just a day after he came from Barstow to Reno to live with his cousin and to go to work at a landscaping business he vanished without a trace he's never been seen again you guys but his vehicle was found a year after he went missing in this very location and we are just about two miles away we're gonna go there guys we're gonna go there and we're gonna see if we can find any clues of what happened to Daniel Gallardo who's still missing today we have a metal detector we're gonna look for some clues so he was going to go meet his cousin Marco's Espinosa make sure you watch this video all the way to the frickin end hit the subscribe button get the like okay guys we might be getting the plague so be sure to smash the subscribe button because we might be dying today alright guys we are in the middle of freaking nowhere we're driving to that little spot right there as you can see there's not even any roads like right here we're gonna follow this road down here they said that Danny Gallardo loved his car so much they said that he would never have driven it down this road but he say this is pretty tame this is our second attempt to get your dues actually a pile of snow over this entire road right here and like a freaking moron i straight-up tried the runner over real slowly on that we got stuck right here nice push Marvel times about to go over cuz you're so powerful the other side by the time we got out guys it was too late we had turnouts this is our second attempt to get there you guys ready to go let's go we are in bear territory we have bears mountain lions coyotes and rattlesnakes and what I hate the most guys is you might even think it's not even bad are the ticks there's a freaking sneaky and they can give you Lyme disease and you wouldn't even know it and they raid these Chipmunks sorry guys we are about two miles away right here and look at how the road it's definitely deteriorating to a point where his car was so low I bet you it even just gets crazier as we get down further for a little tiny car like kids he would have been hitting everything out here all these rocks you would have been hitting everything hi guys so we have our new car and I know a lot of people like to get it scratched up but I'm not yet ready to get it scratched up so we're gonna ask the crew throw it out a little bit which will actually clean up the route of the trail I'm just going to clear this out so we not to scratch up the new Explorer you will vehicle I think he just likes to do this you think really good what do you think really good we're not too far doesn't look it's weird though that his car was out here for an entire freaking year and it looks to be like like people come higher like there's definitely someone's been up this road it looks like yeah I wonder who comes out here maybe the people who did it oh yeah and what the heck honey you've got his car out here they're weird you have to get around this district oh my god guys your mom well guys it looks like we have our work cut out for us get it with the khutba stone no there's a gigantic saddle if you dance the Bigfoot in you gotta watch out for Bigfoot out here oh man we are in Bigfoot territory know what's gonna go through yours that well there's a weird there's a big plant I mean Oh me yeah hang on he's going around you what he wants fight thank you because I hate you oh my god were to go back daddy's back he really doesn't fit you that I think he's a horse boy that's fine we are gonna drive over the dead tree we people life out of all right guys so we would walk you we're about a mile down the road here we would walk it but there's a lot of like gang activity out here and a lot of like drug operations and maybe a little danger yeah we don't wanna be caught on foot so we're gonna continue to try to I'm gonna go where we have to do it now had a fine art way around this one day I notices the ground is really soft you guys did good by staying over theirs if he doesn't know hunger there is or who we are he's trying to back out why he's the one who killed Gallardo why would you be back there and I'll freaking nowhere I mean honestly I'd be super careful like Wednesday that dude that killed those girls he said just get down to the ravine remember that one can't look like that he remove academic I think you should just continue to get forward no thank you so stupid yeah I gonna pretend like you strapped your mother busca as he said I saw fresh checks so that's what he said yeah dad he said he saw fresh tracks don't you think that's care of like a weird things though yeah like that dude that frickin never like in North Carolina those two girls went missing and they found them later dad they still know who killed him I don't know just keep your eyes open for anyone creepin in the woods guess that's about all we can do at this point I'm gonna try to keep going forward does it seem like he's like been here before though there's nobody out here why is he out her it's stuck in a pretty bad spot I can't go forward can't go back because he's back there so thank yous waiting for us you know as weird as we didn't even hear him coming up the road until he was right there like creeping style it's a little weird what do you think he's just gonna go step on it as she's eating we're getting stalked no yeah that's like them coming out of hibernation City you may want to get in the car all right guys I know where that guy wanted I'm freakin real tired from all that Bush walking he was saying something like you guys bushwhack in or something I didn't really understand what he was saying but it just seemed odd I don't know where he went or if he's he may think we're creepers – I don't know for me that just seemed really weird and I don't know where he's at you know see if we hear him again did you hear it it's telling you got closer did you see I think that was that guy as you can hear there's gunshots over all around us too many people are hunting a practicing I'm not really sure but yeah that's what we don't really want to walk around out here too much my mainly because like I said it's a pretty large drug area out here and if the people that dumped his body if he was murdered they knew this area that's why we can't like leave our court out for us let's keep going we're almost there but I don't know how he got his car over this look at the road just crazy I don't know how they got his car out here let's keep going when you see a hunter soaked in back here with all the gunshots I'm here in Queens this is spot really run back as far as i'm gonna help me road even going so he could literally be any worse we are went out within 2.2 miles we go through this mud i actually have no idea how they got it this is what i love about coming out here and seeing these places because there's so many questions in your head before you come out here and you're like you know maybe he drove himself out here but after coming out here and seeing the road i'd have to say there's no freaking way he drove himself out here more gunshots getting closer like risking our lives so we don't get little scrapes on the car we couldn't make it any further so very soft ground well let's keep our eyes open on the whole walk there's some tin foil right here yeah last tin foil beer can a third guys really yeah we definitely heard really yeah something stomping yeah not even kidding did it sound like something stomping there alright we are in the exact location where Gallardo scar was found look at there's a weird indentation around we're gonna metal detect any clues we just got through greven some food and hiking all the way up from our car down there here's what we're at some reason this car was like right here I don't understand why oh where if you got stuck there's not enough information but here's where we are guys we do hear lots of noise for the animals like thumping through bushes bears not gonna be out and they're gonna be hungry right now but we want to be super duper careful that's with that there's a piece of wood right take a nail yep something here for sure small fuss or something dad what is it like a rock meteor though it looks like a meteor let's keep it yeah for us but then you put it in there okay guys we have a meteor there's animal there's it what you do that big rock yeah just like the other one why do you guys think there's so much that metal thingy post in the comments below stupid sniffer something hurt right there dad this so weird how it's all centered it around his like exact car location one thing what's your body okay back up off from these grubs oh yeah what the flip ya know it's like plastic a piece of metal again why are only scraps middle around wire like wires coming over there in this direction yeah that's kind of weird leaving us in this direction which is be a little strange because why would there be wire right here that we're standing what of you threw somebody over on the side right here and just buried him oh bloody another freaking piece of wire excuse getting yellow alright guys basically what we found is a bunch of water and some plastic only in the area of where his vehicle was running out of time so we're gonna head out of here we got a long ride back in the middle of nowhere cuz we're heading out guys once you hit the like subscribe and let us know what you guys think having a Daniel Gallardo yeah I think he went cuz I don't see him driving I hear it's crazy peace

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33 thoughts on “World's Creepiest Google Earth Location IN REAL LIFE…

  1. Would say he was killed and someone ditched his car out there. Can’t see him driving it to that spot.

  2. Wassup EWU D&D soo I'm not sure if its still open to tha public but way back when I was in 5th we went on a field trip to this place call The Nature conservancy, it just out of a lil town called Branscomb, Ca lots of spooky stuff up there, I'll post more in this posts comment!!

  3. He handles that entrenching tool like a regular…guy that doesn't handle tools. And FYI, none of that lil scrub timber will even slow you down. If I were in the rambling wreck (farm truck) I'd just roll through…

  4. very strange nails and wire and a maggot on the ground in a place like that something ain't right with that place.

  5. Careful out there, guys. Drugs are sometimes grown in national parks and secluded places. Make sure you’ve always got a full charged phone and you’re packing artillery (local laws pertaining).

  6. Good video. More of these but if you can release longer versions that would be awesome. It feels more like we explore with you.

  7. I subscribed to your channel just now. I hope you have something to protect your kids and yourself from serial killers.

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