Worms and crabs, episode 4, survival in the forest

Worms and crabs, episode 4, survival in the forest

In dry season, forests become harsh A fallen tree with a bad smell It’s a indication of the impact here which are the insects – they’re eating inside the tree The delicious and greasy worms For long-term survival, a stable food supply is required Small streams often have amphibians A crab It’s quite fishy and slightly hard but it doesn’t matter Grilling crab is a safer way to eat In the next morning It seems that something had gone into the trap This area is so wet Right below this rock are small aquifers If lucky, we can make traps containing water and we can have more food in the next days

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32 thoughts on “Worms and crabs, episode 4, survival in the forest

  1. Hi, I would like to advise the authors of this beautiful video to better explain what the survaivalist eats and what he collects. In this way, surely, we could learn more. Thanks

  2. มึงดมเพื่อ

  3. Hi, I am the father of a child living in Korea. I often watch your video when I send my two daughters to dreamland. It is so fun.
    So I made a video like you. The title is "Survive in every corner of the house" (My husband is a perfect match for me) If you have time, please watch my video. It was written by a translator.

    안녕, 난 한국에 사는 애 아빠야. 나는 딸들을 꿈나라로 보낼 때 너의 비디오를 자주 봐. 너무 재미있어.
    그래서 나도 당신처럼 영상을 만들어 봣어 제목은 '집구석에서 살아남기(남편은 백수)'혹시 시간이 된다면 내 영상을 봐주길 바래 이상 번역기로 작성한 글이었어

  4. Shell and all 😳 and raw on top of that! Can’t be very hood for you that’s why man discovered fire 🔥

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