Zašto Orahovica uvozi orahe? / Why Orahovica is importing walnuts?

Zašto Orahovica uvozi orahe? / Why Orahovica is importing walnuts?

“Orah” means “Walnut” I don’t know what’s here healthy anymore. This what I grow I know that’s healthy. But, everything else… they can write whatever they want there. Fruits and vegetables and and and and… Our food, food we produce without any additives, without any… you know? All what we can cultivate without chemicals, without pesticides… Without, I don’t know, artificial fertilizers and so on… For us, meat is the best, because we are making pizzas, making pizzas, bbqs… Pizza is the healthiest. Pizza is the healthiest. Anything that suits you… The less meat, the better. Less meat? Yes, yes. Goodbye. Thank you… thank you… Bye! Buy! At the fish market, butchers store. Behold, we have fruits: cherries, apricots, pears… Our pear tree was abundant, there was for sure between 300 and 400 kg on the tree. Konzum, Billa… Everything we need for our family actually we got from around our house. At the store. Store, only the store? Yes. Nothing homemade? No, nothing homemade. Anyplace. Anywhere I go when I have time Where it’s cheaper, better. Do you know where your food is coming from? (Silence) Well, when we buy something we usually check where it comes from… So far, is that credible, I do not know. It says that’s from Vietnam, China, Japan… There’s rarely something from Croatia. Yes? Yes. It’s either from Hong Kong, China, Japan… …where it’s comes from, god knows. I don’t care. You do not care? Not even cows with ‘mad cow disease’ can harm us Mostly, people here made their own food… And they buy from the people they know. That entire system, I think, regarding food and all of that… I think it’s complicated, so far… I would not like… I think I would not eat anything if I would know where it is coming from. We do not really fallow when we are buying where it is coming from… Here and in England, the most expensive on the food market, those ones… With worms? Not with worms, with holes. That’s like certificate that’s healthy? E.

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