hello everyone its forked here and I just miss the bridge in this video I'm gonna be doing something with this bridge and I didn't think of it ages ago that got the thought now let's see how we go with it we're gonna do is I'm gonna with zip lines to anthro I didn't think I was gonna be able to do this but I think I can okay that appears to be the max length now I have no idea which way it's gonna go I see anything because I've never placed a zip line on a completely flat surface to determine which way it's gonna go it would be neat if it could take you both ways but we'll find out so I cancel some of these get my ropes back got them all okay so it appears I'm gonna have to grab it from this end it's like a train track it's it's a trammel what do you call it that's funny okay so I can use the momentum to carry me forward a little bit further placing it on a flat surface to start is going to be the place that ogre boogers yeah the start is gonna be the lowest end I think there we go this is gonna be a pain you get all the rights so I'm just gonna have to go down to my cave base and get it all nice stuff using the rope I've got to use this I wonder if I drag this up yeah I don't think it'll work it's worth a try or maybe stupid ideas I have god this is super realistic isn't it I think I'm like oh we're back into the cave are we forget it's time for your sanity to gear again hahaha one day I'll finish the spice I don't know when that day is but it's not me back over we go stock up on me snack the flashlight and take my little coaster ramp yeah I'll get to finishing this soon I just don't really feel like doing it yet yeah this is still gonna take a while Jesus God I don't have much do i it's all that strength raising I haven't replenished my stock so much what are we carefully gonna fall off this I should be taking logs down with me so I can slowly work at it while I'm getting these ropes get this okay there we go little game system mm-hmm I have no idea if this is gonna be facing the right way I just hope it is ah bastard I figure by day deter by mouse sensitivity down that was another close encounter with death wasn't it there's my own stupidity that time log cars fault oh I went to let go the mouse if Jesus okay let's try that again I would dude one up here first to make it faster but I don't know how it's actually placing so that could be going the wrong way and if I cease I'll fall off will come flying over I don't want that to happen all the worm mutant can't destroy this bridge is too high up in the air and I see rows in my base you'd be able to get it up at end there this is actually quite cool I can see just about everything I think that's one down there that bright light is it what's this light coming from oh cannibal died no there you go well they just jumped outside as I was going in I wanna sleep cooler got meat here more soda I forgot about these water filter thingies water filters work collective surprise I don't have some sort of water filtration system in the game okay I just turned down my mouse since it's a V so don't fall off because it's really bad alright one more trip and I'm done I'm not really gonna be using this so much at its far we're gonna take me a lot more time but I'll probably save it's just more to test out if it will work because if you think about if you have a bridge all around the map you could have said lines going everywhere Oh God have that happen in Asians fuck impatience it's always impatient it's the third time I've done this here we go I've got a door I don't why they play so much rope down here if you can't even use it maybe a rope bag might be something they should do okay at the moment of truth I shouldn't really be placing these cuz I want to place more inside them I should work out okay now it's going this way yeah it's working out the way I thought it would oh it's a little bit fast I could just put some stick fences along there on that bit Oh what good spawning I'm gonna try and take a log cut across here I don't know if they fit underneath the zip lines now doesn't fit and cultured try and do it sparking underneath oh there we go yeah that's the works I can't see anything in front of us off this is scary it's just too narrow that'll do I might just make up the right I got so much cloth six hundred and something okay now this one's kind yeah Hawaii ah damn it that's cannibals down there ah so Oh God what a place to land I'm gonna reload and do all that again I've got a plan to make it work better so starting from scratch again okay this one's wanting to play some angle so I'm definitely enough to put a fence along here to stop myself and falling off stop it what I could do is I know where that is I see where you think it's the middle it's not the middle if that makes sense yeah this is easier to tell if it's in the middle yeah that looks good wish it was an easier way to tell which way zip lines are actually gone maybe like a little flag or something at one end maybe there is something I just haven't noticed it you need to test something out okay so you can't place a zip line on a simple stairs same thing with a rock wall you can't place it on a table on the other hand that works okay good to know can't tell if that's gonna place below or above it's probably got a place either one there we go ah damn it freaking out concentrating too much of my placement I throw a lot of energy mixers doing this jump rope jump rope hey let's try the again without falling off there we go you have to place it on the side a wank place lengthways otherwise okay there we go that was weird he was gonna place that god this is gonna take four sip lines to get it over that's a lot all that progress I did on the cave base it's gone this whole six logs I brought down oh my god okay place them this is me not testing things in creative mode that's all good doing it this way it's making me be a bit more careful considerate of what I'm actually doing testing things properly that makes sense Oh back at it again this time I'm gonna be saving I'm not gonna reload that took too long should be make out flare I may never use the freaking thing might come in handy when I'm killing the emboss sigh this isn't too bad I mean I'm chipping away at the cave base while I'm doing it I actually really don't like building in the cave base cuz it just it's so grindy so with this I'm able to hit two birds one stone sort of thing I wonder if I've actually done that before if I hit two birds with one stone before it's over at this game I really should be playing this on multiplayer these kind of jobs have really multiplayer chops I just wish I'd what are your guys off to come though sometimes I wish that just groupie you guys come in and just play chat and mess around but it's too hard when you're recording maxed out on these sodas completely the door for the second time I wanted to do since there's dynamite down there and I'm not picking it up each time I'm going down store my dynamite on this here we go the tables done have to place it a little bit off to the side so it's almost four full length sip lines I'm just wondering how I can get one to go back I think I've got an idea but I think I might have to replace some things well that's a lot keep going I stopped there's no roses for you to smell there I'm glad I left this ramp here I can use it to take loads of it okay there we go now the way to go back it's do the exact same thing except is it gonna work getting no confirmation to place as if one isn't being completed doesn't look like he can do it even though it would collide you could just jump on the rope beforehand oh well try this go in the other way mmm it might work if I could jump the rope and grab the right there I'm probably gonna hit my head trying to jump up through here god this is so complicated I have to place it the other way around so I can't place it on the table first I don't even know if this is gonna work and it's so expensive – God that was a fluke yeah I think you can grab the zipline it's quite far away this is looking like an absolute mess okay so I'm able to place it though I had to click really fast and to give you an example how fast are the click I had to use my automatic attack thing keybinding which is unbelievably fast I looked as if one's a behind the clouds the volumetric clouds hey that's funny now shouldn't need to place this on a table because I could just place it off the bridge okay they're all placed I've got no idea if this is gonna work this is like mad scientist crap man this is so complicated stupid okay I'm just gonna skip the whole thing and use console commands to see if it's gonna work because this is just gonna take forever otherwise all right hard to look after Bill all ghosts been in build days there we go had to turn build hack on first okay so this one is working this one's working this one's working oh this is just crazy and it appears this one's working as well this one got removed for some reason I'm trying to replace it but I can't cuz well place that a sec I'll test out the other ones okay two of them got removed I think there's only two going this way one's working and the other ones working as well so this is a train system it's just really complicated oh okay I'm not gonna cheat and build that I need a break from doing that like God okay so I had a break and I'm coming back and I'm gonna finish this it's gonna take a long time and it's actually quite tedious to do all this but I've committed it's gonna work it's just such a big job I'll see key this is something to be good down the middle of the map then you can have zip lines branch off it Ruffa should call it the train or the monorail oh boy do a proper tutorial video on it because I learnt a lot doing this ok these zip lines are here and they got erased when I went to build them I don't know what that's about I don't know how I'm gonna get this around here no David do not touch ok I think that's stuck let's try to see what the old cutter might do no that's not gonna take risky I don't know if that bugs still in the game I just stopped doing it a long time ago where you grab the log sled while it's in the water you get stuck you can't interact with anything don't touch it it's too risky well this is just gonna be a boring brick an adventure for me at least I'll get two birds in one stone might try this out to see if this works last time they fell down but I put some insurance policies in yeah so good I don't even need them this put some fences down there so I wouldn't fall off aha good thing I say before I go that wonder why that's happening one of why it's exploding I've never seen that happen in all my time of the forest I'll cancel the other one still explodes so it's not collision to do with the other zip line it's got to do with how I placed it they use the way I've placed it on the table maybe this is telling me that I can't place it okay I just jumped out and activate a console commands we're gonna test this out to see if it's gonna explode that works that works so maybe it was just the way it was sitting on the table you already see the issue now that one's gonna explode see we'll sing inside the table so I've got to figure out a way around that everything else is fine this is so complicated what am i doing might have to build this one a bit further back is it limbo here God looking back on it I really wish I had to start it again did it a different way but I think I've got it right she's not as clean as I was hoping it to be I don't know if that's just gonna have the same thing okay so it does work he can turn off developer my I'm trying to lose weight at the moment though I'm gonna be losing strength it's gonna live on these mushrooms for now should really finish off these other Gardens and I have much more to eat got it all three together so I don't have to waste too much strength the coming fish this one [Applause] oh good stay Tom I can eat again okay that's done gonna get blocks I thank god the guy AHA just should really check some of the others so I think I canceled the right one okay so I'm gonna try that again yeah I can see at everything I can't bother me it looks like I've been able to place it knots under I don't know if that's gonna work I've seen crap again this is probably gonna be the longest episode I've ever recorded it's taking forever to do this Gator shown up but I'm not really interested in dealing with him so I'm going to avoid him I've got red paint on so why they're not attacking me okay let's let my cave bases cut along nicely thirty-six logs and I go lengthwise no way it's gonna be a lot cheaper yeah it's like half the price don't need a roof I'm in a cave but I actually want a house I've had enough of going into the freakin cave so what I'm going to do I'm going to make out all the right and complete it all okay that's all the ropes done cost me that four hundred cough to make all then I'm not looking forward to editing this episode okay those ones are done bought the log cut this way so I can do it much more efficiently it's too tedious running all this with two logs at a time it's so funny seeing enemies down there like I'm in a helicopter and they can't get to me it needs one more log oh they can't see me up here it's nothing you could do those son you're too far away or you might have a flame dude with you okay I better get out of here alright those ones are done okay it's actually all done I want to go save and get rid of this log first god I hope this works alright I'm gonna pull the timer up and see how long it actually takes me to get across this thing my verdict on this is it's not good for single-player you really need it to be in multiplayer to get the most benefit from it but it's definitely a lot quicker so far and I'm not using any stamina to do this I don't know whether to call it the monorail or train I think monorail spotting is suitable for owner if there's a way that you can set it up so you can get on and off like instantly said I have to jump up on the table I'm a harms flushing yeah this would be awesome for multiplayer ultimate way to get around it's pretty much a sip one across the map legit anyway so let's look I can get back no dramas I don't how long that took a lot faster they alright let's go the other way yep so it all works thank God oh man this is a stressful build I don't know I think it's really cool so I probably gonna call it the monorail reminds me that guy from The Simpsons so yeah okay let me know what you think of it in the comments it's difficult to do don't build this if you're a beginner or out of troubles I've had with us and it's just taken a very long time this is the longest of them I recorded an episode for I think has come out about three hours maybe ah anyway next episode of what we work on that cafeteria see how I go bird me out or I might finish off this cave base of almost done it no regrets load from my mistakes eh anyway if you liked this video make sure you like and subscribe Cheers holy fuck nuts

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29 thoughts on “ZIPLINE SYSTEM ACROSS THE MAP – S5 EP26 | The Forest

  1. Ziplines have a maximum length unless you are using mods. If you see anyone building one zipline across the entire map, they are using mods.
    In older versions of the game, the maximum amount of ropes without mods was 30. Recently, they halved the cost of zipline ropes, so now the max is 15. If you are watching any friends or youtubers that exceed this amount, know that they are using mods, so their designs won't be able to be replicated without the mods.

    The mods that allow this are the Ultimate Cheat Menu (It is on by default and cannot be switched off while the mod is installed) and unlimited zipline length mod (self explanatory).

    This isn't intended to piss on anyone using mods, it's just so you are aware of the it. I don't believe most people are aware of this, though hopefully this information can prevent you wasting time.

  2. a small group of fixed players in multiplayer would be so fun
    Get like two or four guys who will play with you repetitively every multiplayer episode
    But take the ones who have anyhow decent microphones
    I personally would like to volunteer for such project

  3. Hey farket have you tried doing the cloth glitch? It's easier way to have cloth and get more ropes instead of going into the cave's

  4. I wish I had people who’d join and help and play.. but every time I try that people always wanna ruin my stuff and leave.. I’ve lost 3 big bases, I almost lost 4 but when he was doing it I just backed out.

  5. Why not just do the giveallitems cheat?

    Edit- nvm, I guess you don't want to since it's not creative mode

  6. I think if you were doing multiplayer you could do separate seasons on it, make plans to build big and get everyone to help build!

  7. Me and my friends whenever we start a new game we just grind for ages and get a house and like 2 layers of defensive walls because why not in the first day
    Edit: The walls were always very big and required 300+ for one layer. The area around our base was deforested till we joined the next day

  8. This is the best video to watch while high
    Thank you, Farket, for all of your wonderful videos. They have kept me sane during this past year so… Keep up the fantastic work😃

  9. Awesome build! Thanks for trying it (and editing the video, nicely done) so I … don't have to try it now lol

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