Zootopia/Zootropolis – Danger In The Rainforest District Playset | British Bobs Toy Reviews Unboxing

Zootopia/Zootropolis – Danger In The Rainforest District Playset | British Bobs Toy Reviews Unboxing

Hello everybody, British Bob here How do you do? Today we’re heading down to Zootropolis/Zootopia to take a look at this
Danger in the Rainforest District Playset Which, as you can see, is very colourful comes with two versions of Mr Manchas and, if we just turn it around onto the back we can see that it comes with a glowing eyes feature and also something rather magical or menacing happens when we rotate the top of the canopy there We also have Mr Otterton’s Capture vehicle which, as you can see on the back here has a lights feature together with a net launcher So my little Bobbies put your raincoats on and follow me down to the Rainforest District And, starting with the Rainforest District Playset here we have the contents of the box which, as you can see, we have a main boardwalk area here canopy one, two, outside pieces of the tree the central bit and a bag of accesories which looks like we have Mr Manchas and a bit of bridge in there and, also as you’d expect, we have the instruction leaflet together with a sheet of 28 stickers now, I’m not sure if Tomy thought
I was going to make a mistake but they decided to provide me with two So, lets put this together and see what it looks like… And fade the music out… well, here we have the completed treehouse with this secret door here we also have this little archway
through the side of the tree a little door down here I’m not sure if that’s for Mr Big for some of his family we have a little balcony here a footbridge and a rope swing but I think everyone’s probably the same as me I think we all want to find out what exactly all of this does with the glowing eyes so lets zoom in and take a closer look And here we have the inside of Mr Manchas’ home which, as you can see has a couple of little nubbins here and speaking fo Mr Manchas here he is! A rather scared looking Mr Manchas but, then again, you probably would too if you’d just been attacked by a rather savage Mr Otterton in your limousine So Mr Manchas can move his arms so we can make him look like a letter ‘T’ we could possibly use him as a scarecrow hang some washing off him or, if we’re in England, he looks a little bit like the Angel of the North we could use him as some sort of statue anyway, digressing so what we do we get these two little holes on the bottom of Mr Manchas’s fleet and we just line it up with the little nubbins if we can just get him on there there we go, then we close the door and then I just need a couple of volunteers Ah, Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps what a coincidence seeing you two here Could we just use you to rein-act a bit from the film? Thank you So we have you two walking across here ready to ask Mr Manchas about the savage Mr Otterton encounter in the limousine to which a sheepish Mr Manchas opens the door and discloses a little bit about the Night Howlers to which Nick cleverly manages to persuade him to let them in so he just closes the door to take the bolt off when suddenly there’s a thud and some evil eyes start flashing through the door the door opens Oh no, and it’s a Savage Mr Manchas down on all fours So Nick and Judy do what only Nick and Judy do best in a situation like this They run away and a savage Mr Manchas gives persuit So, now’s probably the perfect time to take a look at Mr Otterton’s Capture vehicle Okay boys and girls, here’s the contents of the box and we must be really quick now as we have a savage black panther on the loose and, speaking of savage, here’s a savage Mr Otterton then we have the net launcher down here where the little prongs just fit in there like so we’ll need that very shortly and we have a Timber Wolf who’s going to drive this vehicle to the Rainforest Speaking of vehicle here’s the truck itself which has a light feature and the top opens here to get
the driver and passenger inside and of we open it up at the back the doors reveal… scratches, left behind from previous predators the top flips the net launcher goes on top Argh! I just shot myself! (nervous cough) We re-attach the net launcher it goes down, lock the doors up and, if we put the Timber Wolf in the drivers’ seat we can race off to the Rainforest District and help Nick and Judy with the savage Mr Manchas Go, go, go…!!! Ha, ha! Excellent work! Well done my friend Now, get Mr Manchas down to the Cliffside Asylum before anyone sees you (wolf’s howl…..) Well, that was a rather intensive last couple of minutes and it sadly brings this video to a close I’m off to the Chelsea Flower Show but not before I’ve enjoyed a nice cup of tea It’s Jasmine tea today Please remember to comment and subscribe and I’ve also provided a useful link in the description below should you wish to purchase any of the products reviewed in this video Thanks all again for watching and see you again soon Toodle pip!

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